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Researcher and editor

Jonathan Chiasson


Native of Saint-Simon, in the Acadian Peninsula, Jonathan Chiasson obtained a Bachelor of Music and a Health Sciences Diploma before pursuing his studies in law at Université de Moncton. During his years at the law faculty, Mr. Chiasson maintained a high academic performance, which earned him several merit scholarships and prizes.


His devotion to his studies also allowed him to partake in the Laskin Moot Court Competition, a national competition in administrative and constitutional law. Furthermore, he had the honor to work under the supervision of Madam Justice Kathleen A. Quigg of the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick for the writing of a research paper in family law.

Jonathan has always been proud to be part of the New Brunswick French-speaking community. His particular attention to writing stems from his deep attachment to the French language.


In addition to his functions at Synergie Fr, he has been a founding partner of the Bourgeois Chiasson law firm since his admission to the Law Society of New Brunswick in June 2015.


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